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Directing the Show

Board Members September 2017
Board members, September 2017

Our Board of Directors for the 2016-2017 season!

See us in Action

The Activism for Busy People event was attended by about 30 people, who learned the basics of how to talk to elected officials so that they will listen.

parade with flags
The League participated in William and Mary's Homecoming Parade to encourage the vote in the upcoming election!

President and Vice President of the Williamsburg Area League
President and Vice-President of the Williamsburg Area League

Homecoming parade with League banner

New Members at League Reception
Attendees at the new member reception

Dr. William Hazel with League President Mary Schilling and Vice President Anne Smith
Dr. William A. Hazel, Jr., Secretary of Health and Human Resources for the Commonwealth of Virginia addressed the League of Women Voters of the Williamsburg Area at its recent Fall Membership Meeting. Because the League is currently spearheading a study on Behavioral Health, Sec. Hazel reached into his very broad portfolio of Departments, Agencies, Commissions and other responsibilities to focus his remarks on behavioral health and particularly the opioid epidemic. Shown here with Mary Schilling, President, left, and Anne Smith, Vice President, here.

A typical Great Decisions audience!

Great Decisions speaker with LWVWA Leaders.

Great Decisions speaker on Feb. 28 on Saudi Arabia with LWVWA officers.

Our recent LWVWA presidents at the Feb. 14 Great Decisions lecture - and the LWVUS 97th Birthday!

Great Decisions speaker on Feb. 7 discussing the South China Sea.

Speakers at the Feb. 6 presentation on Fracking in Virginia. We had much to learn!

League member with expertise in fracking with LWVWA president before the meeting

League members in Washington, D.C. January 21 for the Womens March.

Candidates for the WJCC School Board, Powhatan District, spoke at a forum on October 24 co-sponsored by the league. Moderator was Peggy Bellows, Editor of the Virginia Gazette (on the right).

The candidates for the 93rd District House of Delegates at the league forum on October 19

The league's entry in the William & Mary homecoming parade on October 14 began with our new banner.

The red convertible carrying league members, including our president, followed by league members on foot
All the leagues marchers!

The Candidates at the October 13, 2016 Forum for Virginia First Senate District at the Williamsburg Library

Our Moderator on October 13, Barbara Hamm Lee of WHRO in Norfolk

Speaker Quentin Kidd from CNU at the September 21, 2016 Membership Reception at the Stryker Center
League members talking with a representative from Virginia 21, the organization supporting young voters. Taken at the LWVWA reception for William & Mary students on Sept. 15 at Blow Hall on the campus
Benny Zhang, Williamsburg City Council member and recent W&M grad, addressing the students on Sept. 15